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Challenge Drabble (sorta) : On the Run

Title: On the Run
Summary/Challenge: Harry and Draco on the run from Death Eaters- in one otherwise deserted Hogwarts. Written for the HarryDraco Week 1 Drabble Challenge (---Parseltongue---) BUT went over the word limit. Posting anyway ^__^
Word count: 597
Rating: PG (a few graphic words)
Warnings: Unbetaed

When Draco left Hogwarts in his 6th year, he never thought he would find himself walking through the halls again.
Though it wasn't so much walking as it was running for his life. Away from Death Eaters and alongside one Harry Potter. His life had definitely taken an odd turn.

From the chaos in their wake, he imagined he could probably pick out his aunt Bella's screech. She always did enjoy giving a blood traitor his just rewards.

Harry was in front of him, wand ready for anything as they stumbled around turns and clambered down staircases. At this rate they'd soon find themselves in the dungeons. Draco wondered hysterically if Harry knew of any passageways not on his bloody map.

Then he heard a sound. It made his knees lock and he grasped blindly for the wall. The growl that rumbled through the hallways was neither human nor animal but a sickening mix of both. A werewolf had joined the hunt.

The ground swam and all he could hear was the frantic beat of his heart. His breath came out in wheezes and he could not stop the shudder from wracking his frame as he doubled over, hands on his knees.

They were going to die. Even Harry Potter's luck wasn't going to last forever- he didn't even have any Felix Felicis potion. They were going to be torn apart, their hearts ripped out of their chest still beating - he'd seen Fenrir Greyback do it before.

Then he was moving again. Or rather, Harry was hauling him along down the corridor and into a dank and musty room. Draco recognized it as soon as he stepped in.

Phantom pain throbbed along the scar running down his chest. He wondered dazedly if he would be joining Myrtle in the afterlife. He doubted she'd accept rejection on the account of his being gay. Of course, unlike portraits, ghosts could not enjoy sex- at least  he didn't think so. He’d probably miss it as much as his mother's imported Belgian Butterbeer chocolates.

"Malfoy - hurry up!"

He never thought he'd find himself in front of a toilet with Potter. Sure, he had had several dreams of his former rival that resulted in sticky waking moments- but none of them included a girls' toilet.

"Open up"

Draco waited a heartbeat - noticed the lack of, well, anything - and opened his mouth to deliver a scathing comment. He promptly shut his mouth when he heard the noticeably louder growls from outside. The werewolves were following their scent. A whine made its way out of him.

"Potter, what the fuck are you doing?"

Potter shushed him- he shushed him! He, Draco Malfoy, was a minute from getting eaten and here he was standing around getting shushed by Harry Potter! He doubted any other Malfoy had had to put up with this sort of drivel in a life threatening situation. Why did he have to be so special?

He was distracted from his inner tirade by the sibilant hiss from the male in front of him. The sound slid across his skin, freezing his breath and sinking into him. He thought he felt his bones rattle but that was caused by the shifting toilet as it opened up a hole in the ground.

Oh. So it was a passageway.

Potter grabbed the front of his robes, wrapped his arms around his frame and pushed them down the tunnel.

Draco wondered how many meters of sliding down the filthy pipes it would take for Potter to notice the erection pressed against him.

*   *   *

Notes:  I just wanted a hint of the prompt in there ...with potential future H/D goodness ^__^


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