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Challenge Drabble (sorta): Just In Case

Title: Just In Case
Summary/Challenge: A continuation of sorts to my week 1 drabble, On the Run and includes the week 2 drabble challenge: Old Books. Can be read as a stand alone though.
Word Count: Just over 700 (again going over word limit *sigh*)
Rating: G

When Narcissa Malfoy defected from the Dark Lord's ranks with her son, she had the hindsight to have a hefty chunk of the Malfoy possessions - including a couple of house elves - accompany them.

Suffice to say, Grimmauld Place was never the same again. While the house might have been entailed to one Harry Potter, it was easy to see who oversaw the actual restoration of the magnificent House Black to its former glory. At least, in regards to the interior.

In any case, it definitely made operations (and general living) easier for the residents and those simply 'traveling through'. There was even a library-cum-study room which was generally availed for the search of the remaining Horcrux artifacts. That and Watching-Potter-alternately- Watch-Weaselette-and-attempt-to-do-Research.

Draco wished he had Pansy with him to snicker companionably at the sight. He cursed the Parkinsons for sitting on the political fence. Actually he would have even been glad to have Zabini, but Blaise was currently being Watched and Chatted Up by Ginny. So all in all, Draco was being ignored.

This was generally the case with Potter and his cohorts. No longer the Enemy, he was generally assigned a task and then left to his own devices.
In fact, if their lives hadn't been threatened last week, Draco doubted he would have ever been grabbed by Potter or escaped into the Chamber of Secrets in his arms.

Not that it changed anything with Potter. Draco spent more time with Granger, cross referencing information than he did with the Chosen One. Watching the boy moon over the youngest Weasley for the umpteenth time set his teeth on edge. So he decided to do something about it.

He closed his final book with a flick of the wrist and made his way to Potter's table. Perversely Draco grabbed the chair opposite the boy and dragged it across the floor, wood screeching. The sound brought the attention of not just Potter but also Blaise, the Weaselette, Weasley and Granger. He ignored them and sprawled into the chair with nary a word, knees barely grazing Potter's.


When his life was not being threatened, Potter tended to remain distant and wary. He could usually find a way to ignore Draco while at the same time keeping an eye on him...just in case.
Since he could no longer maintain his focus on his ex, his attention had refocused on the book, eyes just barely acknowledging the presence next to him.

"You seem to be having trouble with the tomes, Potter"

"I can manage fine on my own, Malfoy."

"Well, I'm done with my lot.” Draco mentioned agreeably, “Since Blaise seems to be a bit preoccupied, and Weasley has Granger keeping an eye on him, I thought I'd lend you a hand."

"Really?" was the terse reply, "out of the goodness of your heart?"

Draco noticed Potter couldn't help glancing at Blaise and Ginny. While he liked getting the dig in, he'd didn't enjoy the loss of Potter's attention, again riveted on Ginny and Blaise.
He leaned forward, further encroaching into Potter's space, knees knocking together tightly as he grabbed one of the books in the pile.

"I'm rather familiar with these books- after all they are from the Manor. Floryce for instance," Draco pointed out helpfully "was a paranoid bastard. He placed all the important information in the appendices and then spelled them to look like generic indices instead."

Potter's eyes darted between the book, Draco's hands holding it up and both their knees pressed together. Draco wondered if it brought back the memory of his hard-on pressed against Potter last week at Hogwarts. Perhaps Potter hadn't been entirely unaffected by it after all...

His former rival all but snatched the book out of his hands, warm fingers brushing against his own, "umm, alright. I'll have Hermione take a look at them. If we run into anything odd, you can check them out later"

Draco smiled - with just a hint of teeth- at Potter's awkward attempt at a dismissal. He leaned back and straightened out, one foot hooking onto the leg of the chair the other boy was sitting on.

"Really, it's fine - I’ve nothing better to do," he said lazily, yet eyes focused straight into green, green eyes, "I can wait around a bit. You know, just in case."

*     *     *

Note: I'm probably going to string these weekly challenge drabbles into a oneshot that fits the Month's Challenge Theme "Out of Their Comfort Zone". There' s all this backstory I have to keep cutting out of the drabbles...and they STILL don't stay under 500 words *annoyed*.


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