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Challenge Drabble (sorta): Distractions

Title: Distractions
Summary/Challenge: An interlude in Harry's POV that fits with my previous drabbles for the weekly challenges On the Run and Just In Case. I also used the challenge photo from the Week 2 Drabble Challenge: Flower and Ribbon Package.
Word Count: 576
Rating: G

For Harry Potter, it was easy to get distracted from the tedium of research. Certain individuals often provided an outlet for his wandering thoughts.

Usually, as was the case today- it was Ginny. Ginny who was eager to help the cause in any way she could, even if her parents denied her the right to join in the 'field work' per se.

There was also the box he was handling. It was- well, it would have been- a Valentine's Day gift, for old time's sake. A limited edition holiday snitch that would glow in the dark; perfect for late night escapades. The box itself had a single red ribbon and white flower – for which he'd never really bothered to find the name.

The sound of laughter drew his attention like a lodestone. He watched his ex-girlfriend grin at Hermione, playing with her new necklace. Harry couldn't stop the scowl pulling at his face; Zabini's emerald charm winked slyly in the warm light of the fire. Ginny seemed to have recovered rather well from his dumping her. Better than himself in fact.

Harry forced his eyes away skimming across his best friends and his ex at the other corner of the room, the pile of books in front of him, only to find his gaze settle on Malfoy.

He watched the youth turn a page of the book he was holding. Malfoy’s feet rested on the table top, which allowed him to lean back in his chair. He could make even research on the Horcrux artifacts look like leisure.

Harry had actually managed to ignore his former rival once Narcissa Malfoy and her son had joined the Order. When the git wasn't suspect of plotting nefarious schemes to Harry’s downfall or public humiliation, it was quite easy to set him aside.

Yet, after nearly a year of working on the same side, completing the rare assignment together in silence and his taking a perverse enjoyment at Malfoy's frequent lack of any company whatsoever, Harry found the situation had been turned on its head.

Malfoy had begun to seek him out. It wasn't blatant but the git would pick the oddest timings, usually guaranteed to put Harry ill at ease. He didn't even attempt to needle him, or perhaps he was just going about it differently. Malfoy was polite, sincerity only marred by the sharpness of his smile. The glint of his eyes forced Harry to step back from the routine of trying to Save-The-World-Yet-Again and focus on something reminiscent to the school day rivalries but still wholly different.

He had tried to ignore Malfoy again, or to feign disinterest while exchanging seeming trivialities. It didn't work. A quirk of the lips, an inquiring tilt of the head, even the git's continued sodding presence could make his own gaze sharpen and lose touch with everything but the weirdly different communication he was engaging in. Additionally, the more he evaded Malfoy's attempts to draw him out, the easier it seemed for Malfoy to leave him verbally challenged.

Perhaps, Harry mused, it was time to try a something else. Evasion tactics weren’t really his thing. He gaze fell back onto the package in his hands and he considered it for a moment. He hesitated for a fraction before ripping the flower off. He left the ribbon on - red was his favorite color.

"Hey, Malfoy," Harry waited till the blond had lowered the book to glance at him inquisitively.



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