February 15th, 2006

H/D - forever (manip)

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Yes! I am a hard core Harry/Draco shipper and I would love to support the newest Harry/Draco website!

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H/D hotness without the smut...

I love my H/D smut. In fact there are few if any squicks and a lot of kinks when it comes to this ship. Yet I can’t help thinking that over time the characters seem a bit…oversexed? Most of the ficlets, drabbles and multi-chapter stuff seem to either focus on a very sweet and happy H/D pairing or them having sex. I admit this is a very, very sweeping statement and there are scores of authors who are exceptions. Additionally most shippings in most fandoms tend to devolve to this level given enough time.

Yet. I seem to recall Irresistible Poison and the H/D romance there without any actual smut. Perhaps even that is not quite the appropriate example- let’s take </a></font></b></a>lovely_slyth’s Heat. No actual smut yet it only takes a quill to send your computer screen smoking.

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Title: Hurt in the Hospital Ward
Rating: PG - 13 to be safe, for mild language, mild mild sadism, and references to reactive anatomy ;)
Word Count: 1,104
Setting: Third book
Disclaimer: If this sounds like something that happened in the books... send me your edition.
Author's note: Comments are my crack. This is my first stab at fic so be kind, please.

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TW : hey kids!

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Author: the5thmarauder
Rating: NC-17 ((NC-17))
Pairing: Harry and Draco
Description: WIP. The twelve days of Christmas, as it were. It may be longer. Basically a good excuse to write oodles of smut in a christmassy fashion.
Disclaimer: Everything basically goes to Jk Rowling and assosiates. I get to keep the smut, though. Says alot about me really.

Dedication: To someone who made me realise what Harry feels for Draco, in every circumstance.

Previous: I. II. III. IV. V.

VI - December 31st, 1999</>
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Challenge Drabble (sorta): Just In Case

Title: Just In Case
Summary/Challenge: A continuation of sorts to my week 1 drabble, On the Run and includes the week 2 drabble challenge: Old Books. Can be read as a stand alone though.
Word Count: Just over 700 (again going over word limit *sigh*)
Rating: G

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*     *     *

Note: I'm probably going to string these weekly challenge drabbles into a oneshot that fits the Month's Challenge Theme "Out of Their Comfort Zone". There' s all this backstory I have to keep cutting out of the drabbles...and they STILL don't stay under 500 words *annoyed*.

One-shot H/D (humour)

Howdie there! :)
Yes, more fic (squee!). You know the deal, so in Vanilla's words:

"I may possibly have made too much use of my beautiful espresso machine, because, wowness, I can't remember how many espressos I've had today, but we're talking double digits. Letting Go is on three pages, and I went to write some more, and then this bunny came and bit me on my toned Scots-Egyptian arse, so- yeah, I totally wrote it.

It's Makeover!Harry. Except not."

Give Him an Inch
Harry/Draco. Humour/Fluff. Contains sexual themes (like duh). Looks like a one-shot. And, oh yeah, Harry and his fantasies don't belong to us. Well, actually, maybe this one kinda does...

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