February 17th, 2006

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Question: Draco's Dark Mark

I seem to recall an interview after the HBP release where Rowling says that Draco does have the Dark Mark. Yet, for the life of me I can't seem to find the source. Could anyone help me out since I'm beginning to wonder if it was all a fevered dream...

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Hey. My second fic ever. May or may not have a sequel. Hope you enjoy :D

Title: A Meeting
Author: doxxed_up
Pairing: obviously them
Rating: PG-13 for language?
Warnings: none
Cathegory: no idea... maybe pre-slash?
Disclaimer: I'm not nearly as brilliant as that woman, so no, not mine.
Notes: Thank you immensely to my beta lilithwitch2 ♥♥♥
Dedicated to my friends, especially anansay, xanateria (who saw it first) and my sweet ghost, danxsunday.

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Roses or bricks, bring them on :D
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Title: Then There Were Four (Part Two)
Author: screaminglungs
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Draco with a side order of Ron/Hermione and others.
Summary: Draco comes home from Hermione's house utterly furious at Harry one day for discussing their future and not consulting him. This starts a chain of events which will change their family life forever.
Warnings: MPREG!
Info: This is a multi-chaptered fic from the Snuffles Universe and all other parts can be read at my journal.

Part One

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Fic Search

You know you love fic searches so I shan't apologise.

Ack, after working on my site the whole week, I need to re-read some good fics. I have needs, people. LOL.

One comes to mind, but I can't find it, not even on my own recs list! It was a one-shot I think. Harry gets involved in a dare to speak Parseltongue to Draco till he comes. Draco's tied up and not allowed to touch himself at all, he has to get off just on Harry's Parseltongue.

Sounds good? It was! And I can't find it!

Fingers crossed, let me know!
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slash art

I apologize if this is not even close to the first time someone has asked, but do people have links to any of the H/D fanart, etc they use on their journals? I'm a newbie to the group (and to H/D shipping in general) and everyone has such great art, I'd like some too! So if people could help I would appreciate it! Thanks!
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I'm a naughty girl - give me fic!

I'm almost done with reading Kimberjingle's "Delinquent" and need a new long (completed) fic that I can copy/paste into word and read at work in order to not go insane.

Short ficlets to read during 5 minute breaks are also acceptable :-D

I prefer fics that are mostly plot but have GOOD sections of adult content. Kimberjingle's sex scenes will light your hair on fire!

Acceptable pairings include, but are not limited to:


Parings that will cause me to run screaming include any involving:
or the giant squid
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Title: Apples, Tomatoes and Eggplants, Oh My!, Part 1/?
Author: fomp
Characters: Harry, Draco, and an irate Assistant Manager
Warnings: Pre-Slash, no language or situations, sort of-AU, and very unbeta'ed
Word Count: 856
Rating(s): G
Summary: Maybe Draco should've just stayed in Diagon Alley..
Challenges: None.

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DRACO -- VICTORIOUS (2-part Drabble)

Title: Draco – Victorious!
Summary/Challenge: This was originally for the The harrydraco Week 1 Drabble Prompt: 'Parseltongue', but it grew too large for the 500-word challenge, yet not large enough for the Monthly-1500-word challenge. What can ya do? I did something else for the challenge, but I continued to work on this.
Word count: pt1: 591 pt2: 696
Rating: PG-13 for some slightly adult themes
Warnings: MPREG ALERT!!! Narcissa-centric. H/D implied.

( Enjoy the fake cut to Part, the First! )
( Enjoy the fake cut to Part, the Second! )

Hope you enjoy it!

Kinda got a nasty take on mpreg stuff.

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Choice, Dream of Silence, Part V

Title: Choice, 5/7
Words: 1275
A/N: Well here we go, part five. You give me pretty comments, I'll give you the next part within 24 hours.
Disclaimer. Well, guess what? I still don’t own them.
Summary: One day the Wizarding World woke up and Harry Potter had fallen from grace.
Pairing: H/D, a little as well as R/Hr and G/L.
Warning: Could it be anything but dark? Attempted suicide, drugs, severe depressions and borderline sanity.

Previous parts linked inside.

Shiny fake cut to angst
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Two ficcies

Hello! I bring you two ficcies today. :) They are both fairly short one-shots.

Title: Bored
Author: annella
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry's bored. Draco took him to a stupid play... what's a boy to do?
A/N: This was written for wendy, who sent me a lovely letter on the back of a picture of Draco. This fic contains parselsmut. Mmm, parselsmut...



Title: Tame
Author: annella
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Everyone seems to think Harry wants to kiss girls...
A/N: Written for enablelove, who commissioned a fantastic h/d vid for me for Valentine's Day. :D This is a truth or dare fic, and is ... um ... kinda dirty. Oh, and it has public!sex in it.


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Title: Where They Shall Not Pine (02/15)

Author: Laurence Ashton

Rating: R

Pairing: HPDM

Word Count: ~4300/~66k

Table of Contents: Link

Notes: This is an idea that I've had pre-HBP, but I've incorporated some new canon into the story. A sequel is planned, but I'm not certain when that will be completed. Entered in the hp_pens Veela fic contest. The concepts surrounding Veela society is based upon the legend of Vily. All lyrics featured within "Where They Shall Not Pine" are original compositions.

More Notes: "Where They Shall Not Pine" is completed and is under revision. I'm going to repost once I've had all of the chapters beta'd.

Disclaimer: All unoriginal characters and situations are copyright of J.K.Rowling et al.

Summary: Harry and Draco are coming of age in the wizarding world - in more ways than one might expect for boys of seventeen. And as they struggle to move forward, they are ever haunted by the past. It would be easy to turn from the path down which duty and legend has propelled them - it would be easy to reject strife and prophecy. But it is by accepting responsibility that boys become men; and it is by exceeding expectations that men become legends themselves, taken to dwell where the deep magic runs free... taken to dwell where they shall not pine.

Chapter Two

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drabble thing

Title: Just yours (come up with by the lovely enchanted_jae
Author: enablelove
Disclaimer: Yes I am JK Rowling and waste my time writing drabbles when I should be writing the seventh book and wasting all my money. Psht, I wish.
Warnings: slash, but that’s basically it
Rating: PG
Summary: Harry sees red when he sees Draco with someone else
Concrit: Yes please
A/N: written for the AWDT prompt ”I saw the way he/she looked at you
A/N2: Please don’t get mad if it’s not all that good! (BTW, thanks to the fabulous jamie2109 for editing this..smooches hun!!!

cLiCk meeeEEEEee!
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Hey everyone, this isn't necessarily a fic search, but more of a generalization. I'm looking for a good, full, fleshed out fic to read at the moment. I'm a HUGE fan of emmagrant01 (if that helps), so fics like that are kinda down my alley. H/D, obviously, but I don't have any other specifications other than that. Suggestions?
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Serpent’s Embrace (WIP: Prologue + Chapter 3/13)

Title: Serpent’s Embrace (WIP: Prologue + Chapter 3/13)
Author: damned_queen
Pairing: HP/DM
Rating: NC-17 in later chapters, PG-13 for now
Warnings: slash, adult language, strong violence, sex, (minor) character death
Summary: After disappearing for over six months, Draco Malfoy is back and he has a mission to complete. The Dark Lord has given him one more chance, and one chance only, to fulfil the task so many before him have already failed to carry out … capturing Harry Potter. During this quest Draco encounters terrible loss, moments of the greatest joy and ceaseless loneliness while he tries to find not an altered state of mind, but a safer place in an unsafe world with the nearness of death and rapture in the skip of a heartbeat.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter, the quotes I used, or the prologue which is partly based on the opening of a Dutch book called Razborka written by Jonathan Sonnst. I don’t make any profit out of this, don’t sue me.

Chapter Three

A/N: Reviews and Concrit are most welcome :) Next chapter will be posted in two weeks, so stay tuned... and check http://www.livejournal.com/todo/?user=qotd_writes to see how the writing is going.

Chapter One | Two | Three

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FIC: All the Answers - Chapter 5

Title: All the Answers
Author: Maxine
Rating: NC-17 (eventually)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Disclaimer: It's not mine. Really. J.K. Rowling's the brilliant mind behind HP.
Notes: Post-HBP, so yes, SPOILERS! Many, many thanks to my lovely betas, annella and preachelectric! Ladies, you're both fantastic!
Summary: Since when has conquering evil ever been easy?

--> All chapters can be found here. <--

( Chapter 5 )

You can also read it at my website, or at Skyehawke.