Strawberry Jam (hp_fan345) wrote in harrydraco,
Strawberry Jam

Two fic searches

I have a whole day ahead of me for doing what I like, so I thought I'd spend it catching up on some h/d fic. :)

Two fic searches, if you'll oblige me!

1. I'm looking for stories relating to fashion. Anything, really! Where Draco loves fashion, where (I'm not sure if these stories exist! :D) Harry loves fashion, one shows the other how to dress, one works in fashion, etcetc.

2. I'm also looking for fics where one or the other has an obsession with or really enjoys a certain food/drink. For example in my favourite fic "Phoenix Song" by Xylodemon, Draco just drinks coffee and therefore when Harry kisses him he tastes like coffee. That kind of thing! (More coffee stories are good too.)

One thing, no sad endings please! Thank you.
Tags: search: fic

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