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I have been itching to get this out there. I can see from the posts on here that I'm not the only one disappointed in this book. I also see that it's for nearly all the same reasons, and some new ones I had hardly considered. Whether this has anything to do with my H/D obsession is irrelevant. So, here is my creation in the works, and though it is still in the plot bunny phases, I want to give you all hope for a new tomorrow.
Warning: **SPOILERS**

First of all, allow me to get my canon hate out of the way.

I couldnt believe the way that JK just trod all over the Slytherins. What kind of book is this Rowling? Here you are trying to say "Oh, Slytherins aren't all bad" and talking about house unity, but you completely disregard this at Hogwarts. I was so angry with her at this point.
I also noticed the way it strangely resembled fanfics all around. I  thought it was only me, because I have read so many of the things. (I'll admit, sometimes I get canon and fanon confused) But now I've come to the conclusion that JK Rowling's "The Deathly Hallows" Is in fact, my friends, a fan fic.
That's right ladies and gentlemen, JK stole the whole thing from some poor, unsuspecting fanon writer, and obliviated us all. 
It's the only explaination.
That's why it reads like mediocre fanfiction, why it all seems so familiar...
But do not distress, because I have a solution! We still have time to make things right!!
I present to you, not Fanfiction, not a work of Fanon, but The Alternate Canon.
Deathly Hallows As It Should Have Been

I'm only slightly kidding. I really am going to write this. And I really do want feedback. And I really do want H/D shippers everywhere to take it and run with it.
I'm not trying to be arrogant.
It's just that, we have so little to work with now. I just want to mix it up a bit.
My idea is that I will take all the little complaints and fix them. I'll leave the plot mostly alone.
What I'm really, honestly craving to do is fix Draco. Because he was so wrong to me in this book. He just seemed ridiculous.
Putting this out here makes ME feel ridiculous, but the selfish truth is that I'm having trouble coming up with any H/D plots from this seventh book. So I decided to rewrite the thing, purely for my own sake.
Then I realized that I ought to share.
So. What do you think?
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