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because they are wrongly perfect for each other ♥

HD Shippers, sit back and make yourselves at home!
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The community for all Harry/Draco shippers!


The Harry/Draco Community


Hello! Welcome to harrydraco, the community for all Harry/Draco shippers. This is a writing/fanart/discussion community for Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in a romantic, erotic and/or sexual relationship. In other words, this is a slash community.

Please feel welcome to post your stories, art and graphics and all things H/D related.

There are only a handful of rules we expect you to follow.


Please use a Header when posting art or fic.

Of course, you're welcome to use your own header, too. :)

Use an LJ cut for the rest of your post.

If you're posting a WIP, a link to the previous part would be ace. :D

Please make use of the tags as you deem appropriate. If you are a new author, artist or podficcer, use the tag "first-time poster", and the mods will create an author, artist or podficcer tag for you.

Please make no Out of Topic posts. If you have questions about what is considered OT, send us an email at harrydracolj@gmail.com.

No pimping other communities or fests unless they have to do with Harry/Draco.

Flaming and fic/art bashing is not allowed at harrydraco. Before offering concrit please ask the author whether they are in fact interested in concrit. Comments and positive feedback are always welcome!

This is an open community. However, do take note that some adult material might be discussed in community posts and that some fan works posted here are of an adult nature. If you're a minor or do no wish to see such content, please don't click on the NC-17 rated posts.

Be nice to your fellow shippers. We're in the same boat here! <3



Your Mod Squad:

vaysh & capitu

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